(R.A., Dec)=(274.840143,-25.40718)
MJD=58220.0 - 58320.0
Estimated Process time: 16.0 minutes
0:00:00 queued
0:00:00 (extract) GSC Events(low)
0:00:41 (extract) calculating GSC GTIs
0:01:03 (extract) SSC Events
0:03:19 (extract) calculating SSC GTIs
0:03:31 (building products) image
0:04:39 (building products) light curve
0:05:42 (building products) GSC spectrum
0:05:51 (building products) SSC spectrum
0:05:55 (building products) GSC response
0:06:10 (building products) SSC response
0:06:42 (finished)
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