Request for Acknowledgment on Use of MAXI Data 

 MAXI users are asked to acknowledge, in the acknowledgment section of 
any resulting publications, as following:
"This research has made use of MAXI data provided by RIKEN, JAXA and the MAXI team."

 and please cite the paper:
"The MAXI Mission on the ISS: Science and Instruments for 
Monitoring All-Sky X-Ray Images", Matsuoka, M. et al., PASJ, 61, 999 (2009)


1. The MAXI/GSC data from MJD 55058 to ~two days ago is available.

2. The method described in  Nakahira  et al. 2012, PASJ, 64, 13  
is implemented in this software. In addition, the GSC data with high voltage 
of 1550 V and GSC anode number\#1 and\#2 are also available.

3. Please check confusion of other sources in the source region
and the background region by viewing the created image.

4. You can specify your region files. 
Please use "circle" regions in ds9 region files.
If the radius is too small, you will loose counts.
We recommend 1-1.5 degrees radius for dim sources, 2.0 degrees for bright sources.

5. You can also specify your good-time-intervals by a text file.
The format is as follows. Time is in MJD.
55200.0 55202.0
55203.5 55204.5
And you also put start and end of your good-time-intervals
in the MJD columns in the submitting format.

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