Request for Acknowledgment on Use of MAXI Data 

 MAXI users are asked to acknowledge, in the acknowledgment section of 
any resulting publications, as following:
"This research has made use of MAXI data provided by RIKEN, JAXA and the MAXI team."

 and please cite the paper:
"The MAXI Mission on the ISS: Science and Instruments for 
Monitoring All-Sky X-Ray Images", Matsuoka, M. et al., PASJ, 61, 999 (2009)


1. The MAXI/GSC data from MJD 55058 to ~two days ago is available.

2. The method described in  Nakahira  et al. 2012, PASJ, 64, 13  
is implemented in this software. In addition, the GSC data with high voltage 
of 1550 V and GSC anode number\#1 and\#2 are also available.

3. Please check confusion of other sources in the source region
and the background region by viewing the created image.

4. You can specify your region files. 
Please use "circle" regions in ds9 region files.
If the radius is too small, you will loose counts.
We recommend 1-1.5 degrees radius for dim sources, 2.0 degrees for bright sources.

5. You can also specify your good-time-intervals by a text file.
The format is as follows. Time is in MJD.
55200.0 55202.0
55203.5 55204.5
And you also put start and end of your good-time-intervals
in the MJD columns in the submitting format.

How to use MAXI ondemand

You can get an image, a light curve and a spectrum from any time from any part of the sky through MAXI ondemand.
Please visit from the "On-demand" tab on the top page.

Usage may be as follows.
 type "cygnus X-1" in search by name
 click "search"
 image change, (but here RA DEC may not change. 83.633 220.014 is crab nebula by default.)
 click the image, (then somehow the RA, DEC changes to 299,590316 35.201606 which is Cyg X-1.
 This is necessary since the RA, DEC is used for the process. Make sure the RA, DEC.)
 type in target name as "cygx1" or "Cyg_X-1" or whatever. (this is only used for filename. Not use special character as "+".)
 time in MJD (We recommend you to start for 1 day at first, not for the 10 years [It takes several hours.])
 light curve bin in day unit. (or if you type in 0.02 or smaller, it means for every scan.)
 two energy bands
 click "send query"
 The process cannot be stopped. So, please be careful to proceed.
 stay at the page for 1 minutes. Then it changes to the processing page.

When the process takes a long time, you can remember the URL, close the browser and visit it later.

For advanced usage
 You can set your own region files for the source and the background.
 It may be convenient to run an automatic short process first, download the auto-made regions and edit them.
 When you want to clear the uploaded region, you once click the file-selection and click "cancel".
 You can set your GTI (Good Time Interval). Upload a text file as
  55100 55102
  56100 56102
  ... ...
  58100 58102
 then, for time inputs above, please type in the very first MJD and the very last MJD. (55100, 58102 for the case above.)

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