[X-ray-star:60] Notes about Alert No. 59

maxiweb maxiweb at maxi.riken.jp
Tue Apr 19 01:12:00 JST 2011

Dear MAXI X-ray Star ML members,

 We reported a new activity in X-rays from an unidentified source 
on [X-ray-star:No.59] titled "PSR J1846-0258 or AX J1844.8-0258".

 Further analyses show that the source has been brightening
since April 15, and the average flux is about 15 mCrab.
The calibrated source position is 
(R.A., Dec) = (+282.08 deg, -3.11 deg) = (18 48 19, -3 06 36) (J2000).

 From these information, we have found this transient is probably
IGR J18483-0311.
 Please see PCA Galactic center observation data

Best regards,

Hitoshi Negoro and MAXI Team

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