XTE J1650-500

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Flare-like events in the soft energy band at MJD= 55320, 55390, 55460, and 55530
are due to comtamination by the up-left source GX 339-4. Please ignore them.
GX 339-4 was bright during this period and the orientation of the
"soft tail" by the detector performance rotates around GX 339-4
in every 70 days (the presession period of the ISS orbit).
The "soft tail" interferes with the XTE J1650-500 region in every 70 days.
After 55600 MJD, GX 339-4 was quiet and there was no interference.

The data is updated in every day.
The data was processed with version 7.7L, where both 1650V and 1550V data
are used.
Evaluation of the shadow of solar paddles are improved. This decreased the
number of dropping data points.
A-system camera 0 (gas leaking camera) is also used until 57900 MJD.
There, the flux has a large uncertainty (a few tens of % in 2-4 keV).
Even in 4-10 keV, the data have larger uncertainty than those in
the other normal cameras.
After 57900 MJD, A-system Camera 0 is no-longer used in version 7L,
and the data have smaller error bars, although data gaps appears
for some sources.

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please visit v7l page for previous data.

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