EXO 1722-363

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Possible detection of EXO 1722-363 was reported in ATel #9412.
The outburst from 58506-58550 MJD (2019.1.23-2019.3.8) is
by a newly-appeared contaminating source Swift J1728.9-3613.
Please ignore it.

A spike at 55914 MJD (2011.12.24) is by the leakage of the solar X-ray.

The data is updated in every 3 hours.
The data was processed with version 7L, where both 1650V and 1550V data
are used. A-system camera 0 (gas leaking camera) is used until 57900 MJD.
There, the flux has a large uncertainty (a few tens of % in 2-4 keV).
Even in 4-10 keV, the data have larger uncertainty than those in
the other cameras.
After 57900 MJD, A-system Camera 0 is no-longer used in version 7L,
and the data have smaller error bars, although data gaps appears
for some sources.

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please visit v7l page for previous data.

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