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Scientific Goals

MAXI, an X-ray all-sky monitor mission on the Japanese Experiment Module of the International Space Station, scheduled to be launched in 2005, is currently being developed. Due to the unprecedented sensitivity of a few milli-Crab in a day, MAXI can monitor the variability of a large number of X-ray sources at much lower flux levels than possible with the current all-sky or wide-field missions. Wide-field missions in other wavelength bands with revolutionary sensitivities, such as Swift and GLAST, are also scheduled to be launched in the same period of MAXI. Other X-ray missions with sensitivities comparable to or better than that of MAXI are also proposed. Thus, we expect a dramatic increase in the number of AGNs samples to study their long-term Variabilities in X-rays and gamma-rays.

With these motivations, we are organizing a compact and focused workshop on AGN variability. The main goals of the workshop are to review our current understanding and to discuss research strategies in the era of next-generation all-sky and wide-field missions. Current problems, both observational and theoretical, will be addressed, with special attention to what MAXI and other future missions can contribute to their solution. Design of the global and multiwavelength network for sharing the near-realtime variability data and collaboration for analysis will also be discussed.

Although the natural targets of the wide-field missions are bright AGN samples such as Seyfert 1 galaxies, blazars, and nearby active galaxies, we also welcome discussions on the low-luminosity populations to facilitate understanding of the AGN phenomena with a broad perspective.


Highlight Talks

Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier (INTEGRAL Science Data Center, Switzerland)
"The high energy emission of AGN as can be studied in the first decade of the century"
Rick Edelson (UCLA, USA)
"X-ray spectral variability in Seyfert 1 Galaxies"
Kiyoshi Hayashida (Osaka University, Japan)
"X-ray variability of AGNs and black hole masses"
Hajime Inoue (ISAS, Japan)
"Revisiting the relativistic broad Fe line"
Greg Madejski (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, USA)
"Synergy between observations of AGN with GLAST and MAXI"
Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN, Japan)
"MAXI Mission"
Bradley M. Peterson (Ohio State University, USA)
Multiwavelength monitoring of Active Galactic Nuclei"
Martin Turner (Leicester University, UK)
"AGN observed with XMM-Newton"
Stefan Wagner (Landessternwarte Heidelberg, Germany)
"Temporal characteristics of Blazar variability"
Weimin Yuan (NASDA, Japan)
"Simulations of observations and data of MAXI"

Also see the program.


A registration fee of 10,000 Yen will be collected from all participants at the registration desk. Only cash in Japanese Yen is accepted. The registration fee covers a copy of the proceeding, banquet and light refreshments served during the workshop. The banquet fee of accompanying persons will be 5,000 Yen each.

We have already closed the registration to present papers, and are prepareing abstract books and other materials for the participants. If you, who have not registered yet, are interested in our workshop, please contact us directly.

Important Dates and Schedules

Oct 15 Pre-Registration deadline
Dec 23 Deadline for Registration (Abstract) and Hotel Reservation (* note that the date has been changed.)
Mar 6-8 "New Century of X-ray Astronomy" in Yokohama, Japan
Mar 9 Registration (7 pm - 9 pm at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel)
Mar 10 Registration (8 am - 8:45 am at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel)
Scientific Sessions (9 am - 6 pm) and Banquet
Mar 11 Scientific Sessions (9 am - 6 pm)
Mar 12 Recreations (Optional Cross-Country Ski Tour/Nikko Tour)


The workshop will be held at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel (Map), where we have booked a block of rooms for the participants (reservation status).

Nikko is a historic and scenic town about 150 km north of Tokyo (two hours train ride). The famous shrines and temples (recently registered as a World Cultural Heritage) are located within 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Further information on Nikko can be found at


We are plainning two recreational activities on Monday 12.
A guided tour of two temples and a shrine in Nikko will be made from 9:00 - 11:00.
An excursion to the cross-country ski field will start from 9:00. see details.

Scientific Advisors

Local Organizers

Wolfgang Brinkmann (MPE, Germany)
Rick Edelson (UCLA, USA)
Hideyo Kunieda (ISAS, Japan)
Kazuo Makishima (Univ, Tokyo, Japan)
Masaru Matsuoka (NASDA, Japan)
Tadayuki Takahashi (ISAS, Japan)
Hiroshi Tsunemi (Osaka Univ, Japan)
Meg Urry (STScI, USA)
Nobuyuki Kawai (RIKEN, Japan) (Chair)
Hitoshi Negoro (RIKEN, Japan) (Secretary)
Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN, Japan)
Atsumasa Yoshida (RIKEN, Japan)
Shiro Ueno (NASDA)


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